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Bhima-Karma Saragrahi

Throughout this life, Sri Mridanga has been my spiritual connection, practice and offering. Taking shelter of the Vedic traditions, I guide students in exploring mridanga as an expression and development of our essential nature. I am here to celebrate, educate and support all levels of interest.

Bhima Karma Saragrahi, Mridanga Lessons

Mṛdaṅga Śikṣaṇa

Study Mṛdaṅga

Study Mṛdaṅga, in the Manoharshaya Sampradāya/tradition.

I teach under the order and blessings of my Mṛdaṅga Guru, Mṛdaṅgācārya Hare-Kṛṣṇa Haladhara.

The unique teaching system I employ comes from my decades of practice, experience and study of Naṭya Śastra, Vedas, Upanishads and Puranas.

Students learn to develop their Mridanga interest into a deeply developed yogic sadhana/means.

Order Mridangas

Mridangas are made as a handicraft, which combines pottery, hide tanning, leather work and tuning in very specialized ways to achieve a unique result. Our mridangas are not bought in bulk as “ready-made” lots. Instead, they are ordered individually.


It’s rare in life to meet a musician who’s intense passion for his instrument is supported by deep study and practice. It’s EXTRA rare to meet someone who uses his skill and expertise in the service of devotion. And it’s almost impossible to find someone who has all those qualities AND is the sweetest, most humble and gentle guy in the world. Well, meet Bhima-Karma Saragrahi!!!! I’m proud to be able to call him my friend and little Bhakti-brother..  

“For an ancient tradition that is currently fragmented and in disrepair, Bhima-Karma Dasa puts forth a delightful, well composed introduction to the Sacred Mrdanga. Stressing the unique position of the drum in history and spiritual practice,this workshop is philosophically rich.Sharing his personal journey into the origins of the art, Bhima-Karma holistically reveals theory, principle, and intention of the culture  of Vaisnava Manoharsi devotional lineage.  A surprising array of tals are offered, challenging even more experienced players.

Hands on!  “Not the speed, but the feeling”. High level of technique is presented from the outset. Expect plenty of personal attention and an abundance of patience. Yes, yes,  you WILL be playing simple strokes by the end of the workshop. “

This course gives you the ability to fast track your learning and play fancy beats in just two days that you can use in kirtan right away. I think it’s awesome..!  In our class there were students at all different levels of mridanga playing, some experts and some never played before, like myself, and all of us benefited from this short and amazing course. Bhima Karma has a very personal approach that makes learning easy and pleasurable. I would highly recommend this course.”

“Bhima-Karma’s Mridanga workshop was well presented and explained to a wide range of players at different levels. He was able to answer any question we threw at him, about the sacred art of playing, caring for, respecting and understanding Sri Mridanga. Many beginners of the group have since been inspired to take their practice more seriously, including myself. And the advanced players in our community have taken this special opportunity of meeting a true pandit to deepen their understanding of Kirtan and the place of the Mridanga, and also to revisit the basics and learn them correctly. A rare opportunity. The New Zealand Yatra cannot thank Bhima-Karma enough for his service, and his workshops come with our highest recommendation.”

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